Wednesday, July 25, 2007

WTC, NY, USA, Planet Zog

The illusion of the mind to create the effect of space and objects in front of us is profound and almost impossible to move away from. However, assuming the model perceived by my senses is some way an accurate reflection of "reality". And assuming that "New York" exists as recalled by from previous mental models of that environment. And that my memory retains two previous states of that environment: One with the twin towers and one without. Then I have to ponder exactly what changed the model from one state to another?

My experience with the substance known as "Steel" is passive. It appears to be immensively strong and not known to spontaneously collapse and melt (melting point of steel is 1800 degrees C) even when hit very hard or heated to 600 degrees C (max temperature of an open fire which is less than the temperature of a gas hob). Yet apparently on certain planets, for example on "Planet Zog", steel is all wibbly-wobbly and spontaneously melts when hit very sharply with a Boeing 767.

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